Husband & I sitting by the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 4
    Saturday morning we packed up our bags and grabbed some breakfast. Then we walked downtown Juneau one more time, hoping to grab some souvenirs before heading to our next destination. What we discovered is that the stores in Juneau only open when there are cruises scheduled to dock. There wasn’t a cruise scheduled to arrive… Continue reading Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 4
  • Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 3
    Though our glacier trek was complete, we still had plenty of other adventures to look forward to. We planned for Friday morning to be slower paced assuming that we would still be fatigued from our previous day’s jaunt. We had breakfast at the Sandpiper Café, then wandered around town a little. At 12:30 we were… Continue reading Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 3
  • Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 2
    Our big draw to Juneau when planning our trip was the Mendenhall Glacier. When researching all the exciting possibilities for our Alaskan exploration I came across a company called ABAK Wilderness Trips. They have a variety of different tours to give their customers a taste of the great outdoors of Juneau. We decided on the… Continue reading Our Alaskan Adventure, Part 2